Executive Pastor Jerry Ghirardo


Pastor Jerry is our friendly and gregarious pastor pro-tempore as of May 2018. He doesn't shy away from tough subjects because he knows God is right in there with us through it all! Yet, you'll most often find him smiling and offering a great gift of encouragement and a hearty pat on the back. Formerly pastor of aCross Marin Fellowship, he played a vital role in blending what we now are delighted to call the Lighthouse! Pastor Jerry presents sermons with a unique intellectual depth that is portrayed easily so that everyone can benefit.


Associate Pastor Jordan Rodgers

Associate Pastor Jordan, A.K.A our devoted properties manager and sound guy, is literally a Jack-of-all-trades. You'd be hard-pressed to find something he can't do (our great military veterans just don't think that way). But his heart for God and surprising tenderness are the sorts of things that move him to do great things...like open the sanctuary as a firestorm shelter, and stay 10 days until it's over; or drive to the VA in the city, and offer hope to veterans every week. Jordan is passionate about sharing God and the solid truth of the Bible.

Worship Pastor Pat McCornack

Worship leader Pat McCornack bravely leads us all in worship - like those sounding trumpets before the walls fell, or those in the front lines of battle drumming fear into the heart of the enemy, you could say he knows a thing or two about spiritual warfare...but he'll tell you a lot more about the power of God's Holy Spirit to overcome any obstacle! Formerly worship leader for Open Door Christian Church, he will surprise you with his sense of humor - and you'll be equally surprised with his Biblical depth.

Lighthouse is well known in the community for its friendly, loving care and outreach and welcomes everyone no matter where they are on their spiritual journey—just starting or long time follower, to come experience God’s love and grow in God’s word. Lighthouse Christian Church meets at 10 am each Sunday with opportunities for children, youth and adults at 1915 Novato Boulevard (near Simmons Lane).