Senior Pastor, Bill Sy

 Senior Pastor, Bill Sy and his wife Jodi

Senior Pastor, Bill Sy and his wife Jodi

He said he talks to trash cans. That’s how the pastor at Lighthouse Christian Church in Novato once described himself. Pastor Bill Sy loves to use humor to illustrate spiritual truth.

On his moving day when he left San Diego to drive to Marin County, the pastor lost his cell phone. While lining up 12 trash bags for a last pick up, the phone fell from his pocket. The phone had been turned to “vibrate mode” so the only way to locate it was using his wife’s cell phone to call and listen carefully to each trash bag!

Kneeling aside each bag, Pastor Bill placed the calls but never got a reply. He commented to the congregation in his morning message that the neighbors must have thought: “He says he talks to God. But now he talks to trash bags!”

Using the illustration, Pastor Bill tied in the story with how God leads us with a quiet, gentle voice. We can learn to hear it if we listen attentively.

Pastor Bill and his wife Jodi served some 20 years in other churches before joining the staff at Open Door Church as its senior pastor, which in April of 2016 merged with aCross Marin Fellowship to become the new and blended creation called Lighthouse Christian Church. Along with church pastoring, Bill is a trained presenter of over 100 seminars for Walk Thru the Bible and other programs. He loves to use humor, drama and other creative means to communicate a passionate, personal and practical message.

Lighthouse is well known in the community for its friendly, loving care and outreach and welcomes everyone no matter where they are on their spiritual journey—just starting or long time follower, to come experience God’s love and grow in God’s word. Lighthouse Christian Church meets at 10 am each Sunday with opportunities for children, youth and adults at 1915 Novato Boulevard (near Simmons Lane).

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