Caleb - A Man Who Followed The Lord With All His Heart * Pastor Jerry Ghirardo * 11/18/2018

Caleb - A Man Who Followed The Lord With All His Heart

Numbers 13 & 14

November 18, 2018

  1. Caleb followed the Lord with his WHOLE HEART throughout his life.

    Numbers 14:24 - “But because my servant Caleb has a different spirit and follows me wholeheartedly, I will bring him into the land he went to, and his descendants will inherit it.”

    Joshua 14:8 - “I, however, followed the Lord my God wholeheartedly.”

    Joshua 14:9 - “So on that day, Moses swore to me, ‘The land on which your feet have walked will be your inheritance and that of your children forever, because you have followed the Lord my God wholeheartedly.’”

    Joshua 14:14 - “So Hebron has belonged to Caleb son of Jephunneh the Kenizzite ever since, because he followed the Lord, the God of Israel, wholeheartedly.”

  2. As we step out in faith, God will help us to ANTICIPATE things that others can’t see.

    Numbers 13:30 - “Then Caleb silenced the people before Moses and said, ‘We should go up and take possession of the land, for we can certainly do it.’”

    Numbers 14:6-9 - “Joshua son of Nun and Caleb son of Jephunneh, who were among those who had explored the land, tore their clothes and said to the Israelite assembly, ‘The land we passed through and explored is exceedingly good. If the Lord is pleased with us, he will lead us into that land, a land flowing with milk and honey, and will give it to us.’”

    2 Kings Chapter 6 & Chapter 7 - Elisha prays for the Lord to open the eyes of his servant so that he can see the heavenly host available to fight for them."

    Luke 4:31 - “Then their eyes were opened and they recognized (Jesus)…”

    Acts 26:18 - “I am sending you to the (Gentiles) to open their eyes and turn them from darkness to light.”

  3. God gives us stark reminders in Scripture about the difference between following him with our FULL EFFORT or something less.

    Numbers 32:11-13 - “Because they have not followed me wholeheartedly, not one of the men twenty years old or more who came up out of Egypt will see the land I promised on oath to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; not one except Caleb…and Joshua…for they followed me wholeheartedly.

    Numbers 14:34-35 - “For forty years - one year for each of the forty days you explored the land - you will suffer for your sins and know what it is like to have me against you.”

    Deuteronomy 1:35-36 - “Not a man of this evil generation shall see the good land I swore to give your forefathers, except Caleb son of Jephunneh. He will see it, and I will give him and his descendants the land he set his feet on, because he followed the Lord wholeheartedly.”