A Healthy Appetite * Visiting Pastor Joel Fritz

Developing A Good Appetite

Joshua 14:6-15

July 22, 2018

1.) We all have appetites for things.

  • Parents shape our appetites when we are young.
  • This tends to become what our appetite expects as we grow up

2.) The complainers who caused such delay in reaching the promised land, held lingering     appetites for the provided food of slavery.

  • Their appetites conflicted with God's plan
  • Their appetites also conflicted with their own freedom

3.) Even at the age of 85, Joshua is just as ready to take the promised land as he was 40 years prior.

  • This is evidence of Joshua's continued appetite for God's work.
  • His appetite was developed through Moses's guidance and his own spiritual experiences.

4.) Let us move from apathy and toward God's appetite for His will!

"The road from apathy to God's appetite is paved with empathy."